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Here's a little bit about the guys and gals who make it tick here at Mogambo.

Rick Bower​

"After living in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years and working for the mothership, Mogambo Tokyo, I decided it was time for a change of scenery!


It's been a great adventure setting up the new Mogambo in Singapore, and I love putting a great team of staff together to make it happen.


When I’m not at the bar, you’ll probably find me on the golf course driving balls 300 yards! Hangovers really can improve your golf swing!!"

Stew Bailey

“With over 30 years of running bars in Asia, I have really enjoyed the challenge that the thriving City/State of Singapore has brought us! It’s a lively, vivacious city and that energy is infectious.


 It has bought so much energy and fun to our newest bar and restaurant, Mogambo. We hope you enjoy Mogambo as much as we do!” 

Joe profile.jpg

Mr Joe 'Maestro' Woollcott

"After 25 years in the financial markets in London and Tokyo - and having never had a hangover In my life - I decided a bar job would be a suitable change of career. 

I've been the General Manager of Mogambo now for almost 7 years and have met an amazing group of people from all walks of life, and I still have never had a hangover! 

We still consider ourselves the premier bar on Boat Quay. My name's Joe and if I can do anything to make your experience any better than it is already, don't hesitate to ask." 


Leslie Fernandez

"After spending a couple of years working in the Middle East, I returned to the Philippines for 'motherly purposes' (i.e: I had my first child). When I set foot in the Lion City a year later, I found an immediate home in the heart of Boat Quay, Mogambo, and my journey began.


Now, 12 years later, proud and loud, I am still known as "Mama Les" round these parts and continue to do my best for my phenomenal guests and colleagues."


Jai Singh

"Originally from the colourful streets of India, I've been calling Singapore my spicy second home for a solid decade. 

My mission? To turn sips into smiles and regulars into my partners-in-crime! You know you've made it when your patrons become your besties, am I right?

To me, this F&B gig isn't just a job—it's a family reunion every night! 
Catch me at Mogambo, where I'm dishing out not just drinks but good vibes and belly laughs. Swing by and let's paint this town red (or whichever colour matches your drink of choice)!"


Victoria Barker

"In my former life as a journalist, I covered the nightlife, lifestyle and entertainment beats -  so it's been a real trip being on the other side of the fence since joining the Mogambo Asia Group in 2014. 

I've been living and breathing the bar's very essence since I started drinking here its first year open (Yes, I was a customer before I became staff! They called me Vic "The Bell" Barker.) and while every day is different as the Operations Manager, one thing remains constant - and that's the inclusive, come-as-you-are vibe Mogs has always possessed. 

Oh, and the copious amount of shots, of course!"

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